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Which places to visit? Where to go? Cities, countries, mountains, deserts - there are so many wonderful places to see in this world and not much time to see them all. At Best Travel Destinations you can find some good tips and tricks on the places you should visit. Help us put a great top 10 list together and vote for your favourite travel destination! Once chosen you just need to take a look at ihotel to check your ideal hotel :)

Planning your next holiday can be very exciting. Choosing the right destination is crucial. It all depends on what you would like to get out of your holiday. Are you into trekking then maybe Mt Kilimanjaro would be a good option. If you prefer the fun of a great city why not try a casino visit in Las Vegas? Prefer a European holiday with a lot of romance why not visit Rome or Venice? And if you want to get away from it all why not go to a quiet little island in Fiji? No matter where you decide to go make sure you have all the information you need. On this site we will try to cover some of the most popular destinations and hopefully that will help you get more out of your well deserved holiday.

When you feel the urge to travel, simply pack your bags and leave. There is something for everyone – for those who enjoy the fun and lights and for those who prefer to enjoy nature and relax, for the adventurous backpackers as well as for the love-to-explore tourists. Here are some details to make your choice easier – some of the best travel destinations preferred by actual travelers.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas – Sin City: A whole city designed for adult entertainment – gambling, shopping, dining, massages and nightlife. Keep your inhibitions at home and enjoy winning (or losing) money at one of the many casinos. The major casinos are resort-type hotels where you don't have to leave for anything – entertainment, food, drinks and of course gambling. The high end casinos are on the Las Vegas Strip and each one is unique in appearance and atmosphere. Of course, in the days of online casinos, there is no need to visit Las Vegas just for gambling, and there are literally millions of websites out there on that matter and for every interest. If you're into online blackjack, try, if you're simply looking for the best online casinos and latest slot games, check in on or With online casinos, you can gamble from the comfort of your home where no one needs to know if you don't know the rules! It is a great learning arena before you actually spend the money to go to Vegas, and a lot of the time you can even play for free! Other activities in Vegas include boat trips on the Colorado River and helicopter rides to view the Hoover Dam as well as the Grand Canyon.

Berlin, Germany: With its rich history and culture, this capital city boasts of palaces, cathedrals and other monuments. Biking is a great way to explore this city which has several must see museums including Gemäldegalerie, which has a great collection of European paintings. A visit to Berlin will not be complete without seeing the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial, and listening to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Amazon, Brazil: The Amazon River immediately reminds you of National Geographic and images of dense rain forests, encounters with anacondas and jaguars, and indigenous tribes. If you go with this image, chances are that you will be disappointed. But you can explore all the splendors of rainforests by taking jungle tours in river boats. Trekking, canoe rides, spear fishing, watching dolphins, piranhas, monkeys and beautiful rainforest birds are other things to experience. You can also take cruises to watch the sunset or sunrise.

Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands: With stunning beaches and a laidback island atmosphere, the Fiji Islands offer the best places to relax and enjoy good tropical weather. There are plenty of water sport activities like snorkeling, parasailing and diving. Nightclubs, bars and several cultural shows make up the islands' nightlife. With friendly locals and relaxing days, it is the perfect vacation to distress and rejuvenate.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: This is Africa's highest mountain peak and attracts trekkers from across the world. The mountain is relatively easy to ascend and is very rich in flora and fauna. There are also game drives and wildlife tours for the less adventurous tourists. Beautiful natural waterfalls and volcanic lakes along the slopes are other things to explore.


Australian Outback: The remote, arid regions of Australia called the Outback are home to diverse wildlife like the emu, dingo and red kangaroo. Outback exploration lets you observe indigenous birds, snakes and lizards. Adventurous travelers take their own fully stocked vehicle to explore the waterholes, Aboriginal art, precious stones and fossils.

India: A visit to India is a multi-dimensional, multi-cultural and soul-stirring experience. Snow-clad mountains, beautiful beaches, peaceful temples, quaint villages and bustling cities all exist in this India experience. The Indian subcontinent is also popular for its tasty spice-richcuisine with a wide variety of regional dishes. You can also go on a spiritual journey exploring India's ancient philosophies and famous temples.

No matter what type of travel adventure you are in the mood for, one of the places on this list is sure to offer you a great experience and memories for a lifetime.

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